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We’ve all seen them: you open an email and it’s like a gush of glory pouring out of your screen. The sheer beauty, the genial simplicity, the way it all comes together in perfect unison. But how did they do it? What magic did they use to conjure such perfection? Unsurprisingly, the answer is pretty simple - they used the best email design agency. Here’s why you should too…

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Email Design and Coding
Why It’s More Important
Than You Think

If a picture says a thousand words, that means you can say more with less. This is why the best email marketing is so darn effective at conveying an idea. But that doesn’t mean that text is dead, no sir. Copy is every bit as part of custom email design as images are, and deserves the same attention if you’re going to create a cohesive campaign. It’s by knowing when to show and where to tell that you create the best email design.

Form may follow function but it doesn’t mean that it’s any less important, especially when it comes to communicating with customers. While plain text emails or SMS marketing still have their place, you’ve gotta inspire the subscriber’s imagination with truly eye-catching design if you want to get their attention. Effective custom email design gives you complete creative control over your email marketing campaign, so your customers can let their imagination run wild, rather than run wildly away from your emails.

And there ain’t a better email design than a super personalized email design. (Mic drop) Hand with mic

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We specialize in creating a customized user experience that gets results. How do we do this? Easy - we put on our thinking hats and closely follow these key principles with every.single.email:

Email coding

Why You Need
Email Design and Coding

Email coding

The joke goes that people will only read large blocks of text if they’re being paid to read it, or if it’s about them. This isn’t far from the truth. Long paragraphs of single-spaced copy seldom elicit excitement. So why should emails be any different?

Creating appealing emails will always lead to improved sales and higher revenue. That’s just how this whole thing works.

You might not think this is true, but we’ve back-tested and it turns out that click-through rates are much better when subscribers are able to interact with design elements that are pleasing to the eye.

You can even expect your subscriber list to get longer, as email design and coding that’s expertly crafted always results in mobile-friendly campaigns that work perfectly on all email clients. This increases the likelihood of folks wanting to share that layout with friends and family. You’ll also get lower unsubscribe rates for a higher net-gain in subscribership, along with an even better average customer engagement rate.

A/B Testing

If you’re having trouble driving traffic to your website or getting the conversions you’d like then A/B testing is the answer. Instead of being perpetually frustrated at the lack of results, we go in with A/B tests for each email we ever send to see how we can improve by using different CTAs, subject lines, send times, etc. This makes it easier to find what works and double down on it.

Some of the things we A/B test include different send times, longer or shorter subject lines, static images vs GIFs in the email, and even emojis. The key here is to ensure that your test is the only variable. That way you can attribute any difference in click rates or open rates to the thing you are testing. For example, there’s no point in testing different send times when you’re also chopping things from one and adding to the other. If one version outperforms the other, you’ll have no way to attribute it to one thing.

The crucial part of A/B testing is to use that data effectively. Once you’ve established that your audience prefers emojis, you start using emojis. Simple as that. Slowly, but surely, you’re honing your messages until you achieve the best email design possible.

A/B testing A/B testing
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Our Email Design Process

Why CodeCrew Provides
the Best Email Design

Lines Lines
  • A/B testing

    Kick-ass designs
    for hyper-growth

    Put simply, all we do all day every day is email. We’ve got a strong team of hugely talented designers that we’ve crafted over the years and all they ever do, eat, drink, see, dream is email. We challenge you to find better designs in the email world, and having worked with some of the most exciting start-ups of the decade validates that statement massively.

  • We do the competitive analysis so you don’t have to

    Hard to stay ahead of the competition? What if you have an army of roughly 40 backing your email channel, making sure that your emails are the best in your niche? Feel the anxiety going away? Thought so.

    A/B testing
  • We’re Flexible-
    and Versatile

    We always keep an ear to the ground to make sure that we stay ahead of the ever-changing email marketing landscape. We also use the most advanced tech tools to help you build a solid email marketing campaign. Our team is fully absorbed into every project and we make the most of all our resources to give you the best possible service.

    A/B testing
  • A/B testing

    Our Results Speak for Themselves

    Check out the brands we’ve worked with and the tremendous case studies we’ve built. DATA. NEVER. LIES.

Important Design and Coding Qs

What is Email Coding?

This is where you turn all those beautiful designs and copy into practical data. Coders take the creative brief and ensure that each link works correctly and that all the creative elements go where they should. Coders use many coding languages, including HTML, CSS, and MJML. And, since computers don’t understand “creative speak”, a coder’s job is to translate the idea into basic computer terminology. And yes, it’s every bit as complicated as it sounds. Luckily, our coders were raised by androids on a steady diet of zeros and ones, so you can rest assured that they’re up to the challenge.

How Do You Design and Layout an Email?

There are many email design programs available, like Figma and Canva, that can help you create eye-catching designs. There are a kajillion design and layout principles, but you can start with the basics: At the very top is your Hero Section, which is the first thing your reader will see. This also needs to be the most impactful. Here you’ll need a catchy title, brief description, imagery, and a clear Call-to-Action. Once you’ve given your Hero Section the TLC it deserves, you can add another section below it with secondary information. Lastly, remember the basic rule of design: keep it simple. Fewer elements help draw the eye (and attention) to where you want. Now go have fun!

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So whaddya say? Are you ready to be one of our success stories?

We’d love to convert what we’ve learned into the best email marketing for you, using finely-tuned strategies that guarantee success. If you’re looking for the best email design and coding, come chat with the best email design agency.

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