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The Merits of Good Design in Email Marketing Campaigns

Your emails look terrible. Sorry, someone had to say it. The design is incongruent (whyyyyy would you put a CTA there? Really?), your logo is pixelated, and what’s up with the text looking all funky and being so small that I need to put on my grandma’s reading glasses? The Merits of Good Code in Email Marketing …

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eCommerce Email Marketing   |   Small Business Email Marketing

Email Marketing Agency Pricing – How Much Should You Really Pay?

With an average ROI of $38.00 (sometimes even more), for every $1 spent, email marketing is definitely a worthwhile investment. Also, not to brag or anything, but our average ROI is 1,300%. So you probably want to start doing email marketing for your brand. And of course, you want to know a bit more about email marketing …

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Case Studies

Taking Final Co’s email marketing to the next level

For a company whose name is literally Final Co, they sure as heck don’t ever give up, and that’s what makes this company kick ass, take names, and create reusable toilet paper. …..wait, what?? Well, almost. But don’t worry, Final Co didn’t actually make such a product. However, they are always bold, brash and absolutely NEVER boring, …

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Work for us

Remote coordinator for our San Francisco based email agency needed

Remote coordinator for our San Francisco based email marketing agency needed About the role: This is an opening for a full-time contractor position. We are looking for a remote coordinator for our San Francisco based email agency and welcome global applicants. This is not a freelancer or part-time role and requires an organized and effective communicator. Work …

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Email Marketing

Case Study – Life with GDPR Compliance for US Businesses

We’re already well into the GDPR consent compliance era, and clear patterns have begun to emerge. Businesses of all sizes – large, small, medium, you name it – have struggled through months of process updates to land us to where we are now. This said, we have new laws coming into effect frequently, one being CCPA – …

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How email marketing can and will improve your SEO.

At first glance, you might not see a direct relationship between email marketing and SEO, but believe me or not, the connection between these boost your website rankings in a number of ways. If you’re thinking about alternative ways to help get ahead of your competitors, this so-called SEO email marketing trend you’ve been looking for. “51% …

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Small Business Email Marketing

5 Key Benefits That You Get When You Hire An Email Marketing Agency

These days you can do most things yourself. The problem is, it might not be as good as what an expert can do for you. And while it is possible to do your own email marketing, there are so many great reasons to hire an email marketing agency. Here are our top 5. Email marketing experts can …

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eCommerce Email Marketing

5 Things All Email Marketing Experts Should Offer

Are you looking to hire an email marketing agency for your company? Good on you! It’s super important for brands to have an email list nowadays because it’s a reliable way to keep in touch with and cultivate a relationship with your audience. The easiest way to find email marketing experts that’ll help you with your brand …

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Business Spotlight   |   Small Business Email Marketing

Hugo & Hoby: How one company created an entire sustainable furniture business eco-system

Inspired by their grandfathers, Hugo & Hoby’s founders created a sustainable furniture brand centered around quality craftsmanship and environmental responsibility. Both Hugo Kukelhaus (grandfather to co-founder Fred) and Hobart “Hoby” Young (co-founder Ben’s grandfather) were seasoned craftsmen. They were also were passionate about community and the environment. Their story is a huge part of what makes Hugo …

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Small Business Email Marketing

5 easy ways to upgrade emails and maximize your ROI

Running out of ideas on how to improve your email marketing? You’re not alone. A lot of business owners face challenges when it comes to managing their email marketing because it’s not as easy as it looks.  Apart from simply writing campaign and workflow emails, there’s a lot that goes into the email marketing process, from creating …

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