Change can be uncomfortable and downright difficult, especially for those dealing with substance abuse issues. But because we live in a society that downplays and even glamorizes alcohol use, it’s not always easy to tell when someone has a drinking problem.

In fact, it can take up to a decade before somebody realizes that they have a substance abuse issue. And even after they realize they have a problem, it’s difficult for most people to change their behavior. 

It’s a huge job that needs many resources and the support of a prepared, committed community. Luckily, the Tempest recovery program offers this and so much more. Tempests’ accountability coaching gives those on the path to recovery access to a totally new level of support. And we’re honored to call this ground-breaking brand one of our clients.

What is Tempest?

Tempest is a digital wellness service. It provides a safe space where people can look more closely at their relationship with alcohol. The founder, Holly Whitaker, started the company after finding her own sobriety through a personalized, holistic plan. 

Holly learned through her own experience that so many people fall through the cracks in other recovery programs. Most addiction treatment programs just don't see how broad the spectrum of substance abuse is. A lot of them will turn someone away if they don't think the person's situation is 'serious enough.'

Tempest: Using accountability coaching to change lives

Tempest accountability coaching sets itself apart by offering complete support to those on the road to recovery. Their comprehensive program empowers people to deal with the cause of their drinking. This then helps the person create a healthier relationship with themselves.

Tempest’s accountability coaching is an all-inclusive program. It's based on the knowledge that the way people quit drinking is different for every person. Accountability coaching meets people where they are, giving them the specific help they need on their sobriety journey.

Some of the clinically proven methods Tempest uses to help people live sober lives include mindfulness and psychological practices. These allow people to change their past thought processes and behavioral patterns to take more responsibility for their lives. 

Tempest members walk out of the program as totally different people. They leave with all the tools they need to live incredible, productive and happy lives. That’s why this kind of accountability coaching produces life-changing results.

How accountability coaching supports sobriety

Alcohol is something that's everyone has seen, tasted or heard of before. What's more, drinking at most events is seen as normal. However, drinking alcohol affects everyone differently. While it's easy for one person to stick to a couple glasses, someone else might find it difficult to stop at a bottle.

A dependency on alcohol can lead to stress, losing your sense of purpose, anxiety and depression. Plus, we live in a society where many people usually reward themselves with a few drinks after a long day. Despite the health problems associated with alcohol abuse like liver disease, overdosing and the mental health issues mentioned above. 

Tempest accountability coaching offers a path to recovery that’s based on a unique and clinically proven approach. According to a study done by the Universities of Buffalo and Syracuse, the Tempest recovery program can reduce alcohol dependence by up to 50%. It also lowers the symptoms of anxiety and depression linked to alcohol abuse by 25%.

Tempest accountability coaching gives people practical advice and tools to help them deal with the changes that come with sobriety. This includes setting healthy boundaries with themselves and others. It also means deciding what's important to them personally. This will allow someone to create a different value system based on their new way of living.

Personal support for sober living

The great thing about Tempest is that it’s all online. This makes it easy for everybody to use, anywhere, at any time. Imagine a holistic system of recovery that is personalized for your specific needs and available at your fingertips!

And it's this 24/7 support that, when helping people stay sober, makes all the difference. Tempest helps their members change their relationship with alcohol through regular check-ins and a wide range of resources. What's more, Tempest's solid support network known as “the Care Team” is always there to guide members through the program.

Tempest gives their clients a personalized path to sobriety that’s free from judgment. They also give members the tools they need to make a positive, lasting change. They’re making the world a better place by helping others find sobriety and change their lives for the better. 

We’re really proud and grateful to work with such an incredible brand. As part of our journey towards email for a sustainable world, we look forward to helping Tempest touch even more lives.