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Welcome to CodeCrew, LLC

Happy to present you with one of the best opportunities you can find online. For the first time ever you now have a top quality free email creator tool you can use forever. Yep, you read that's going to be available for free forever. Your email marketing campaigns will never have to be cumbersome again, as of now, creating email templates and then exporting them in cross-client compatible HTML code is now easier than ever before. Just drag and drop your favorite modules, edit text, code, images and colors, and really brand your template's design.

One of the most important things for us here at CodeCrew is to give back to the community which has helped us grow in such a remarkable way. This is the main reason why we decided that offering a "Free Forever" plan for our html email builder is the best way to go. The rules to using the free version are extremely simple and straight forward. Help us spread the word about our amazing free tool by sharing the news with your Facebook or Twitter friends, and you'll be able to create free email template designs and export them for an unlimited number of times.

We knew that the challenge we faced was not a small one by any means. We wanted to make sure that we create a solution that's built on feedback we gathered from over 9500 clients who have chosen the BigBangThemes builder in the 4 years that have passed since we started. We also knew that we needed a way to bullet proof our free email drag & drop builder from bots or black-hat techniques which would end up clogging the system up for our paying customers. Thankfully the idea we were able to come up with was a perfect mix of making the builder safe for our clients, and help spread the word about it at same time. The concept is that since this is completely free to use, we want to make sure we're able to help it reach as many online people as possible.

Work has barely just begun, we're going to continue workign hard at creating more and more free email templates and they will be published on this page as soon as more are available for use. We're constantly trying to improve so we welcome feedback, however please understand that we cannot offer support for the free version of the builder, and only paying clients will be able to receive client support.

One of our favorite quotes reads "Success in life is making the most number of people's lives better". It helps us feel a sense of purpose, and that's what we're trying to do here at CodeCrew. The 'free forever' program is our way of giving back to the community which has helped us achieve so much in so little time.
Alexandra Marin Co-Founder @ CodeCrew

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