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What’s free, awesome, and can fly?

How about an email template builder that you can use whenever, forever (we lied about it being able to fly, sorry)? It’s a good one, we promise. Heck, it’s the best free email builder you’ll ever use, guaranteed. Why’s that? I’m glad you asked (sure, I can’t hear you through the computer, but I know you were just about to) - well, to begin with, you can build free responsive email templates, create awesome newsletter examples that you can save or export for later, build out either a basic email html template or something a bit fancier than you ever thought you’d be able to build, or even save the world (you can help us clean the planet if you use this tool for the good!)!

Ok, ok, I know that you’re just chomping at the bit to get your hands on the goodies, but as everyone’s favorite role model, the lovely yet obscure Kwai Chang Caine said all those decades ago, “patience, young grasshopper!” We’re almost there, we promise. The fun stuff is coming soon, but first, let’s tell you a little bit more about this robust tool that we built just for you!


Show me the goodies!

We know you’re way too excited and anything or everything we say can be a nuisance at this point so have at it! Below you’ll find a bunch of links to a bunch of different templates. They’re all free; they’re all great; they’re all there for you to use as you see fit. Please make sure you use them for good - with great power comes great responsibility. Why do I feel like I heard that saying before? Not sure… but go swing by the links below and do whatever a spider does - build yourself a web presence.

Okay, so, you took a look at the links, went down an email-building rabbit hole, and just came back here hours later. Don’t worry - that’s typical for your first time playing around with the best free email builder you’ve ever seen (you don’t need to say it, we know you’re thinking it). So, how’d it go? Want to learn more about building out your first of many free responsive email templates? We’re glad you asked - let’s start the lesson now, shall we!

What is it? What do you mean by free drag and drop email template builder?

We know you might be confused and/or have a gazillion questions. That’s fair. So let us start by saying that this is a 100% free drag and drop email template builder. Free. It does not cost you anything now and it won’t cost you anything in the future (and you can use it for an unlimited number of times!). Easy as that. But wait, there’s more (so much more)!

It has all the capabilities that a strapping young team of small business owners or a startup’s marketing team needs - draggable objects (we kinda gave that one away when we named it Drag & Drop, didn’t we?), the ability to save your templates for the next time you use them, and, can it be true? Yes, it can - you can also export your HTML into any program of your choice! How awesome is that? I can’t hear you, I said HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Oh, okay, yeah, you’re right, it’s REALLY FREAKING AWESOME!

If you still don’t get the gist of it because you got distracted, started searching the web for “what is a drag-and-drop builder” and just learned how to operate a computer today, here it is in the most layman's terms possible: it is a free program that lives in your browser and lets you drag bits here, there, and everywhere to build the exact email you had in your mind but didn’t have the coding skills or resources to build on your own. To make things even easier, if you do have a friend that knows HTML and you’ve managed to convince them to help you out, you can export your work of art to HTML and have them whip up the changes you were looking for in no time. Honestly, this is the best thing since sliced bread. Wait, actually, it’s better than sliced bread because it’s FREE!

Who made it?

Well... us. I know it looks a bit funny but yeah, we did, we built it. BigBangThemes is the company that built the builder out - hence the name and the looks. BigBangThemes is also the company that got merged into CodeCrew at the end of 2018 so now we go by the saying of ‘mi casa es su casa’ - come, make yourselves at home.

It’s really been a child of a whole lot of love, and a little bit of a love-child too if you want to get a little weird about it. We put so much energy in this builder, and so much love crafting it, that we sincerely hope that through whatever laws this great Universe has - all of that love we put into it will turn into good profits for all you lovely folks that will be using it. Yes, we hear you through your screen, and yes, we love you too ♥.

But why offer access to a completely free email template builder?

Why is it free? I bet many of you are still waiting for the catch, for that one thing to turn this from a completely free newsletter builder into a SAAS, an opportunity to get your email address on a list, or to get you on a call - but it’s not, it’s honestly not! We aren’t sleazebags.

One of the most important things for us here at CodeCrew is being able to give back to the community which has helped us grow in such a remarkable way. The rules to using the free newsletter builder are extremely simple and straightforward: help us spread the word about our amazing free tool by sharing the news with your Facebook and/or Twitter friends, and you'll be able to build free email template designs and export them for an unlimited number of times, forever. Forever! (just like diamonds - a marketer’s best friend? Sorry, that doesn’t work here. Ignore us - we build emails, not good jokes).

Really, there’s no better way of feeling proud of the countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears than sharing your pride and joy with the world. Our clients help support us, and in turn, we can help support those who can’t quite justify hiring an email marketing agency just yet. Knowing that, when armed with a stronger email marketing builder than what comes standard with the MailChimps of the world, those who use our builder only see value in the email marketing channel, and when they need a more robust and expert team, they’ll hopefully turn to we who helped them along in their email marketing journey.

Is the HTML email builder tool something that your awesome startup ecommerce will be able to use to scale up to more than $2 million/year in revenue? Probably not - but it’s the perfect tool to help you get over that first million so you can seriously start considering investing some of your hard earned dollars into making millions more baby dollars - they’re so cute and green and they make our lives so much better, don’t they? Take it from our favorite Shark, this is exactly what you need to move forward.

Built mainly for teams up to 4 people that need to wear a million different hats every day, the builder is guaranteed to help you massively increase your email marketing-related profits. As with most profit optimization processes, the first step is obviously cutting costs, and, what better way exists than ensuring that you get an awesome tool for absolutely zero cost? And, to top that off, you can cut down on your development and design costs big time since you can just pass this over to a designer or your marketing manager and she can use it to export highly optimized email HTML code that you can plug right into your favorite ESP.

One of our favorite quotes reads
"Success in life is making the most number of people's lives better". It helps us feel a sense of purpose, and that's what we're trying to do here at CodeCrew. The 'free forever' program is our way of giving back to the community which has helped us achieve so much in so little time.
Alex L Co-Founder @ CodeCrew

How to use it?

Well, this is a bit of a “good news, bad news” situation. The good news is that (we really can’t say this enough) this is a completely free email template builder that you can use as you see fit. Also good news is that there’s a pretty good knowledge-base where you can find a whole bunch of amazing info on how to use the builder: what works, what doesn’t, how to export free responsive email templates, and even what to do if you need Salesforce email templates and want the export to work with that.

Bad news is that with this being free there isn’t a support team, so you’re kinda on your own with this. But you can do it, we know you can! Plus, it’s pretty easy to use if I do say so myself. We believe in you!

The documentation is pretty thorough too - so there’s seriously nothing to worry about when building your email HTML out. Make sure to take it easy, and if you absolutely need help, hollar on Twitter. There’s a pretty hefty community of users that have been using our builder for the last few years, so I’m positive there’s somebody out there that can give you a helping hand.

But wait - there’s more. You wouldn’t think that we’d just throw you into the deep end and watch you sink or swim, did you? Let’s have a look at a rundown of what you can do with our awesome newsletter builder, and what are some of the key features it has:

How to use

MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and MyMail (Mailster) friendly.

Why these? Well - because these seem to be the favorites when it comes to startups trying to keep costs as low as possible. After extensive market research we’ve reached the conclusion that these are the most used tools in the first year of a company’s email marketing efforts. As you scale, you’ll probably turn to some email marketing experts (Pick me! Pick me!!!) and the email builder will become a thing of the past. That said - you can totally export HTML code that will work with any - literally - any other ESP out there. Pretty impressive, eh?

How to use

Drag & Drop ability

We know how hard it can somebody be for someone with little technical ability to find their way in this crazy online world where yesterday’s breaking news is tomorrow’s deprecated - so we figured that nothing’s easier than dragging and dropping your favorite modules into the canvas.

How to use

Efficient categorization

The modules are categorized where needed. We’re not just throwing you a gazillion different modules that look similar but have different functions - we’re also making sure you know exactly how to use those builder elements. Simplicity is key to a great design, and this is no different.

How to use

Save, undo and redo

We covered this already, but it’s so cool it’s worth mentioning again. Much like a Word doc - you can save, undo and redo your steps. We recommend saving it more often than not for obvious reasons, but hey, if you like to live on the edge, we can’t tell you “no”. Your parents might not be proud of you if so, and please, don’t come crying to us if you lose hours worth of work just because you’re stubborn and can’t spend 5 seconds (at most) to save your progress.

How to use

Preview your responsive email templates

With over 70% of users opening their emails on mobile devices, this feature is not a ‘nice-to-have’, it’s an absolute necessity - so rejoice, it’s here!

How to use

Bullet-proof Outlook background images

Terrified to death when you hear about background images in email? That Outlook-specific code looks like something even Matrix’s main man Neo would struggle understanding? No worries - we got your back. The background images are made bullet-proof on auto-mode on export - you’ll see those beautiful pics on all devices - guaranteed!

How to use

Icon generator

Don’t you love it when, in WordPress themes, you can generate your favorite icons? Don’t you hate it when email builder devs tell you that’s impossible? Well - not if you know Python coding it’s not. Enjoy!

Who is it good for?

Well - are you a really vibrant e-commerce business that’s doing over $1 million/year? Then this is probably NOT for you - sorry! You better head on over & reach out to us, there’s so much more than this that you can do, and we know exactly how you can tap into that potential.

Go ahead, go on our homepage and use that cool tool we have to calculate your ROI potential for your email marketing list and niche. I bet you’re probably not making half of what you can make, so do the decent thing and send us a message. This is that moment when somebody tells you ‘Would you pay me $3,000 if I guarantee I’d make you at least 10x?’ and you absolutely need to do it! Like - seriously. Go read our case studies if you’re especially stubborn and still think we’re messing around, then give us a call when you quickly realize that we’re not!

Seriously, an email program is not something to treat like a second-class marketing channel. Although the ease-of-use and low cost/benefit ratio of a drag-and-drop builder is one of the best tools to have when starting out, the only real way to skyrocket your ROI is by using the knowledge of long-time email marketing experts to craft a specialized program with custom designs/code.

Are you still barely a start-up? Do you still work a full-time job as well as do your best to manage your side-business and get it off the ground? Then you, my friend, you came to the perfect place! This builder was made for you (yes, you - we see you staring creepily at your screen wondering where we’re watching you from :eyes:).

Really, anyone who is starting out in business should have a strong pulse on their marketing, and email, being the absolute highest earner with the best ROI, is a must for any savvy marketer or small business owner out there.

Practice Good Marketing

Can universities and governmental institutions use it?

We get a lot of emails from teachers and students asking us if this is something that can be used as a resource for teaching how to code responsive templates, how to design emails or just how to make sure you get a rocking job at an email marketing agency. Yes, young padawan, you came to the right place. When we say free-to-use, we mean free-to-use-for-everyone-all-the-time-even-if-it’s-for-learning-purposes-or-the-government!

Know a university that isn’t using this yet but could really benefit from doing so? By all means - let us know! We can hook you up with even more access, goodies and an awesome way of using this without having to even worry about sharing it on Social. We’re all about supporting the future marketers out there, and making sure that whoever gets into the field next really knows their shit stuff. Sorry - that’s no way to talk around students.

Are you from NASA and need to ensure that your next rocket launch is accompanied by an equally amazing email launch? Or from the IRS and want to scare the living shit (we can say it to you - you’re a grown adult) out of people who plan to avoid having to pay their taxes? Well, my friend, welcome! We have just the tool for you! (and we’d love writing that email to scare people, that’d be terribly fun).

On a more serious note though, if you find a local .gov domain that should list this tool on their site so that the local community can get some help and use this to boost their profits, by all means, drop us a message and we’ll get on the phone right away. Or better - ping that lovely site’s phone number and tell them that this absolutely needs to be there! We’re already included in a bunch of these if that helps them qualm any worries - it’s already been vetted by several other .gov websites.


Let’s get in touch!

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