When your inbox is filled to the brim with promotions from every last retailer that you’ve ever been interested in, it starts to become hard to separate which ones are actually worth your time. Promotions here, promotions there, but no promotions actually end up catching your eye in the end. Why is that? Because content matters.

Hey. Hey! Hey, you! Look at me! Read this post!

….did that actually get your attention? Did that excite you in any way? No? Yeah, it wouldn’t grab mine either.

Your customer relationship in the email channel begins with a strong, concise, and action-oriented or promotional subject line. With a recommended subject line length of under 70 characters (Gmail cuts off at this point on mobile devices - others such as Apple Mail, Outlook, or Yahoo are even less), your value proposition must be short and sweet. Think that you can get a customer’s glance by using ALL CAPS or emojis galore? Think again - too many special characters or over-capitalization can land your emails exactly where you don’t want them: spam. Thankfully, we have our dear friend the pre-header to help us expand on our subject line if we have any additional details to pass along to our customers.

That said, again, the subject line is only the beginning. An ugly email will get the message you’ve worked so hard on sent to the trash quicker than you can say “please don’t click the trash button!”. Even worse, an email that has rendering issues on your customer’s brand-new iPhone speaks volumes to how out-of-date (and out-of-touch) your program is.

So, your customer opened your email? Congratulations! Not all email marketing programs get that many contacts opening their emails, so pat yourself on the back, go out for ice cream, or shout from the rooftops. Now comes the fun (and lucrative) part - getting your customer to get to your site and buy your product. How do we do that? Simple: good, quality content. First things first, you’ll want your prime offering front and center, with a big, bright call-to-action.

Make sure that your customer knows exactly what you’re offering, why they should be interested, and how to go about buying it. This is known as our hero image - an image that will present the product or the feeling associated with having that product (think Apple ads from the iPod era or earlier), enticing the customer to want nothing more in that very moment than to have your product.

We’re not done yet though. Hold your horses. Not only can (and should) your email present the immediate offering that you want to showcase to your customers, but it should also show what else you have to offer in case they had something else in mind as well, or, even better, if they didn’t know your other product existed but it’s something that they had hoped existed. Score!

From there, you’ll want to include a way for your customers to keep in touch with your brand - think social media accounts, support lines, and any other way in which you can keep your customers engaged with your overall brand.

Of course, all of this is just starting with a single, solid email. From here, we’ll also need to consider how each email fits in with your other email touchpoints, your other marketing channels, and your brand as one cohesive company. This is what we specialize in here at CodeCrew - not just providing you with a quick-and-easy email, but a way of presenting your brand in the best and brightest light, in the most cohesive manner possible. Want to learn more about how we can turn your program into a best-in-class program? Reach out to us for a quick chat on how we can best serve you, no strings attached.