Looking to take your business’s email marketing campaigns to the next level? Read about some of our most successful eCommerce Emails (and why they worked) to see how we can help you get stratospheric email marketing results and interstellar ROI!

Our Proudest Moments

Each week, we conceptualize, design, and launch roughly 70 marketing emails for a wide array of clients, each with their own needs, identities and targets. Scoring repeated slam dunks might seem impossible given the numerous variables and client requirements, but when you stick to a basic formula of data + experience = ROI, the results speak for themselves.

For the first time in our history, we’re giving you a sneak peek into what we do while offering some insight into what works for us. Of course, we can’t divulge proprietary information like actual revenue (nice try, though), but the following campaigns have yielded excellent ROI and should give you a few ideas when it’s time to craft your next email marketing campaign.

The Freebie

Oh, that magic four-letter word! After all, free stuff is the main reason people sign up for newsletters, isn’t it? Whenever you offer something valuable for free, you’re almost guaranteed an excellent response from subscribers.

The Quiz

Everyone likes to think of themselves as smart and giving them the opportunity to prove it always gets a great reaction. Of course, a quiz just for the sake of isn’t enough and you’ll usually need to provide an incentive... like a tempting discount.

Calendar Highlights

Holidays and other key calendar dates are peak sales periods, so it’s wise to capitalize on these when planning your marketing calendar. Christmas is great, Black Friday is even better! If planned well, they can deliver record-breaking results!


Special VIP promos always yield fantastic metrics and huge revenue all around. Remember wanting to be part of the cool clique in school? Yep, we haven’t changed one bit. Of course, VIP promos are reserved for subscribers who have made multiple purchases over time.

Best of the Best

People love winners, so anything that alludes to a ‘Top 5 Products’, ‘Top 5 Tips’, or ‘Our Top Choices’ always gets a great response. We recommend avoiding the hackneyed ‘number 5 will surprise you’ trope as it screams spam.


How to get the email marketing results you’re looking for

If you’re a business owner and your current agency isn’t constantly talking about KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), then it’s time to dump them and give us a call, #justsaying. KPIs are absolutely crucial for any marketing endeavor as they tell you exactly what’s working and what needs to change. If you’re not measuring engagement and performance, then you’re not giving yourself the chance to improve.

If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Simple as that. Setting yourself a goal (e.g. increasing engagement by X%), and tracking the numbers closely is the only way to ensure that you're not wasting your time, money and energy.

So, what makes a successful eCommerce email campaign?

Once we know which KPIs we need to focus on, we can start setting up your pillars.

Each client’s strategy is crafted around a number of content pillars. These are used to help conceptualize campaigns and can be anything from ‘product-focused’ and ‘promotional’ to ‘brand values’ and ‘how-to guides’. They’re a great way to ensure we don’t stray from the brand mission. Clever, right? Even if we say so ourselves.

Once we have the pillars firmly in place, we can focus on the finer details. Should an email have a Call-To-Action at the top or the bottom? Is it better to rely on pics or descriptions? We know what works for our clients at the moment, but this could all change in a heartbeat. That’s when we (and our clients) need to be flexible and quickly rethink everything we know and have ever heard about marketing... ever.

Want to know more about our email marketing campaigns? 

We could talk about eCommerce do’s and don’ts for weeks on end, but the simple fact is that, if you want it done professionally, it’s best to hire a professional. Remember asking your cousin Ted if he knows anything about plumbing? Remember Ted turning your house into one big bath tub? Yup, you don’t want that for your business. Call us.