Usually, we’d start an email marketing case study by highlighting what a great job we did on increasing open rates, click rates, and revenue. Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely nailed it with, but there’s something else we’ll be focusing on this time - how partnering with an experienced email marketing team is paramount to any email program’s success. From email campaign management, audience segmentation and strategy to A/B testing, design, and deliverability, a great email marketing program really is the sum of its (many) parts.

Ink-redible - Levelling Up’s Automations

First, let’s cover those juicy stats. When first approached us to take over their email marketing program, they had two crucial KPIs - to grow their email list and increase their revenue with each email we sent. Here’s what we achieved:

  • A 635% increase in average click rates (NOT a typo).
  • A 1,226% increase in placed order rates (again, NOT a typo).
  • A 1,237% increase in $/rec (one of’s main KPIs).
  • A 54% decrease in unsubscribe rates (another key KPI for
  • A 74% decrease in bounce rates.

Oh, and by the way, we achieved these numbers by actually sending FEWER emails than were sending pre-CodeCrew. Additionally we revamped every aspect of’s automated flows. By using our tried-and-tested, data-driven strategies and a solid sending approach, we were able to deliver some ink-redible numbers.

Reams of Great Results From Our Email Campaigns

With the flows taken care of, it was time to focus our attention on's monthly campaigns. Again, data and expertise helped us deliver a freshly-printed stack of awesome results.

Here’s how our 20 top performers compared to’s top 20 campaigns pre-CodeCrew:

  • An 11% increase in revenue per campaign.
  • An 11.7% increase in total campaign revenue.
  • A 10% increase in overall orders.

And here’s what we achieved over the last year in terms of all email campaigns:

  • A 5% decrease in the total number of unsubscribes.
  • A 41% decrease in unsubscribe rates.
  • A 52% decrease in bounce rates.

As these last three printaculous numbers show, we're well-versed in all aspects of deliverability and compliance. After all, it’s no use investing all that time and money into creating beautiful, captivating designs and bold, punchy content when your campaign is just going to land in someone’s spam folder. By knowing what’s what and how-to, we’re able to ensure each email passes every checkpoint and ticks every box Big Tech throws at us.

Just Our Type - A Case Study In Personalized Campaigns

Of course, the secret to our success with lies in our ability to speak to Gen Z and tell them that this ink and toner is bussin’, right?


As it turns out, the average age of’s audience is 50+, so we ditched the curly fade and shifted our brand voice accordingly. Data also showed that the audience enjoyed a good laugh, and we didn’t hold back with the zingers.

By thoroughly researching your audience and then collating that data, we ensure that all content, imagery, and campaign angles have the right appeal. Then, by A/B testing the heck out of each aspect, we’re able to get results that match the audience’s tone(r).

As this email marketing case study shows, email marketing is anything but a one-size-fits-all, and we’ll always tailor our campaigns to best suit each brand’s target audience and smash those KPIs. So, ready to make that paper?