At CodeCrew, we like to think of ourselves as the Hobbits of ROI – and we just love things that grow! Only, instead of cute gardening tools, we use data-driven strategy and our years of expertise to strap your eCommerce emails to a giant eagle and letting them soar!

Seriously though, the reason our clients are so happy with our eCommerce emails is our ethos that it can always be better. And we constantly improve your ROI by asking simple questions at every turn:

Do you really know your customer?

While no one wants to end up with five customers in a segment, it’s crucial that your grouping is as detailed as possible. Casting a wide net is always the knee-jerk tactic for lesser agencies, but successful ones know that big nets send the fish scattering (read: unsubscribing). To be smart - and most of all Hyper-Relevant – we need a variety of smaller, tailor-made nets. And by doing this we constantly grow your list, which means more leads and (you guessed it) increased ROI.

Your Organic Growth Strategy also plays a crucial part – what incentives are you offering to sign up? If you answered ‘none’, then we’ll need to sort that out pronto, because your competition is probably way ahead of you. Quid pro quo is the name of the game here, buddy.

And what about marketing new products? These are a great way to drive revenue and grow your base (if done correctly). Again, we want more than just one ‘hey, look at this’ email – we want a launch campaign filled with fanfare, teasers, reminders, texts, and non-opener resends that make Aladdin’s ‘Prince Ali’ number look anemic by comparison.

Don’t even get us started on Email Workflows! Everyone knows that Abandoned Cart Flows are a must, but how’s your Browse Abandonment doing? When last did you pay some attention to an Upsell Flow or a Birthday Flow? These have a huge impact on your ROI and it just so happens to be one of the things we’re really good at


Are you paying enough attention?

The tasks above might seem laborious and time-consuming (personally, we love this stuff!), but there are a few crucial things you can take care of in the short term to enhance your Email Marketing Program now – let’s talk about analysis.

A/B Testing is Marketing 101, but it goes way beyond simply finding the best time to send eCommerce emails – at CodeCrew we constantly test Subject Lines and analyze Automated Flows to systematically hone in on a winning strategy to grow your business.

The trick lies in the review of your Email Service Provider (ESP for the cool kids). We look at data – the type of data that doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings – to get a real world picture of what’s working and what needs to change. By utilizing the best eCommerce Email Marketing Software and Analytics, we can determine whether you’re using the right platform and where we need to change strategy, cut costs, or double down. And, by asking the right questions frequently, we save you a lot of money. You’re welcome.


Have you walked the walk?

When was the last time you put on your customer hat and tried to buy something from your own business? The Customer’s Experience is paramount and too many companies forget to step outside the office and walk their own aisles.

Is your site easy to navigate? Are the products, prices, and reviews displayed in a clean, easy-to-understand way? Most importantly: how convenient is your Checkout Process? There’s no point in crafting an amazing UX only to have customers say ‘Nope!’ right at the end. A fumbled Checkout Process can make or break your business. Now read that last sentence again.

Let’s say a customer leaves (gasp!) your site without adding anything to their cart. What’s the plan? Do you have measures in place to bring them back and seal the deal? Let’s say they do buy something - here you can double down with Transactional Emails that confirm each step, e.g. Shipping → Order → Delivery → Order Out for Delivery → Enjoy!

Remember, if any of this seems daunting or cumbersome, we’d be happy to schedule a call and run you through it.


Back to the Hobbits

Hopefully you get the picture that we’re aiming to do more than just prevent your subscribers from casting your eCommerce emails into Mount Doom (FYI for non-Tolkien fans: it’s a very bad place) – we’re constantly striving to ensure your campaign is our crowning achievement.

We do this at every turn by sourcing the best talent, learning new skills, and constantly reviewing client reports - no wonder so many of our clients are singing our praises!

So, what do you say? Shall we kick your Email Marketing Campaign up a notch?