You’re ready to invest in powerful e-commerce marketing automation, but not so ready to pick a product to build it with? So, the question is: to choose or not to choose Bronto? In case you still haven’t read our book of best Klaviyo alternatives, where among others, we mentioned this popular B2C email service provider, you better get ready for some honest and accurate information about this giant in the email marketing space.

You’re ready to invest in powerful e-commerce marketing automation. Now you just need a product to build it with. So, should you choose Bronto email? To help you decide, check out our book of the best Klaviyo alternatives. In it, you'll find honest, accurate information about this B2C email service provider.

All you need to know about Bronto Email - Pros, Cons Pricing, and Features Post Highlights:

Bronto’s automation capabilities

Bronto workflows are a masterpiece that can be likened to a modern Da Vinci mixed with a computer program. Yeah, it’s that good. I’m talking combinations of fully customizable actions, filters, and triggers. They'll help you create just about anything you want, need, or can imagine. 

Also, to keep things simple for non email marketing experts, Bronto has a handful of preset workflows. For those with a bit more know-how - you can build your own custom workflows. Though honestly, Bronto's automation building system is so intuitive, anyone can become a pro in no time.

Visual Builder for Web and Mobile Apps

When you’re trying to expand your business, a simple and easy-to-learn visual builder is a crucial factor. With this ESP, you’ll be able to use a workflow template or even create your own with total ease. Unleash your inner Kool-Aid man because OOOOOHHHH YEAH! You heard that right. No coding classes necessary. You can do it all with the drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste functions. 

The workflow builder canvas is a grid that allows you to place your filter, trigger, or action nodes anywhere. Depending on your goals for each email workflow, you’ll be able to drag connections between your nodes as you need. Brilliant, simple, efficient. If we didn’t know any better, we’d think it was Swiss-German.

This platform’s other sweet visual bit is none other than the email designer. For those who can’t code emails (not many of us actually can), they offer a drag-and-drop email editor. Here, responsive design techniques are used and it works on a variety of devices so nobody’s left behind. Even though it’s no Crewativity builder, as far as built-in ESP solutions are concerned, it’s on the better end.


Individual Customer Journeys

Knowing the behaviors of a customer (loyal or just browsing), is the key to keep everyone on your list interested. That’s why Bronto offers tools that inform you about your potential or loyal customers by breaking down data. However, please keep in mind that this tool doesn’t actually have a real lead scoring function.

Moreover, Bronto has over 30 key metrics you can use to analyze your target audience. They'll even make predictions based on the data you collect. Wild.


Above all, you want to make money more easily...I mean, who doesn’t? That’s exactly why Bronto intends to simplify list segmentation, and they've really done a bang-up job. Their software displays personalized information on device preferences, locations, shopping carts, and even the first thing they click on. Mind = blown, right? Breaking down info like this is what teaches you about users that are already interested in your business. Bronto lays it out in a simple three-step process:

  • Analyze demographics you already have (when and where followers signed up)
  • Import more expanded data from third-party apps, like Shopify and Magento
  • Add other criteria to create segments of people you can engage more effectively

Bronto Integrations

The implementation tends to be a bit shorter than on-premise solutions since this platform has a cloud-based system. Still, the length and scope may vary depending on customers’ needs. They also offer a 30 day accelerated implementation program.

In fact, since Bronto email was acquired by Oracle a few years back, you can expect some serious integration power. Oracle NetSuite integrates technologies and data sources into Bronto to facilitate data-driven marketing. In addition, they have connections with leading e-commerce platforms like Shopify Plus, Magento, NetSuite, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. For other platforms, turnkey options for open APIs are available.

I’d also like to mention that they have nearly 100 partner integrations. Your business can work with their API reference library or app center to make this platform work best for you. Really, the sky’s the limit here, folks. 

The data migration process is more hands-on. For e-commerce customers with Shopify, NetSuite, Magento or Demandware, a connector must be set up to enable automatic data exchange.

For those of you who aren’t using these apps, Bronto is supposed to show you how to manually import data. In truth, there are so many help options (phone, email, chat) that can answer any questions you may have. Plus, their knowledge-base is so comparatively robust that you probably won’t ever need to talk to their (amazing) team.

Pros and Cons of using Bronto


  • User targeting capabilities
  • Robust list management
  • Flexible email creation options (drag and drop or HTML)
  • Detailed reporting outlines ROI and conversions per email


  • Limited database storage
  • The interface is large but confusing
  • Can be a bit more expensive than other ESPs
  • A free trial is not available

Bronto Pricing

Hmm, email service provider pricing is what bothers you? I knew it. Well, aaactually, you’ll need to ask the Bronto email sales guys about this. Their pricing is only available through a quote. However, from what we hear, it’s pretty pricey. While it's no Salesforce or Cheetah Digital, it’s definitely more than Klaviyo and other platforms out there.

Benefits of using a Bronto-specialized Email Marketing Agency

While this article might have cleared up a lot of questions and got you up to speed about Bronto's capabilities, there is so much more to learn and discover. While a skilled entrepreneur can certainly get to the point where he can proficiently manage email marketing campaigns in Bronto, that comes at the expense of time. And let's face it - if someone specializes in something, then they'll always be better than you at doing that just because they do it on a daily basis. So if you get an email marketing agency to do your Bronto campaigns for you not only will you ensure that someone is actually using Bronto at 100% for your business but you also free up your time for more important tasks related to your business. 

Wrapping up

So what do you think after this Bronto email marketing review? Is this automated marketing platform going to be the right fit for your e-commerce venture? If not, you can always check out some of the best Klaviyo alternatives.

And, even though Bronto requires you to speak to a salesperson before learning about pricing, it truly is a flexible platform. It will help you understand your audience and create custom email marketing campaigns, which is exactly what you’re looking for.

Ready to move your business forward? I bet you are now!