Have you ever entered the bookstore and bought the first book that caught your eye, even though you knew nothing about it? Never! I know, right… Just by picking up the book, you have shown interest. Your primary instinct is to check the plot, isn't it? Yeah. Next, you pull out your smartphone and google that book reviews. Once you are done reviewing those reviews, you make the purchase and walk out of that bookstore happily. It's almost the same in the digital world.

Here we have something even better - automated email workflows that will give your prospects a clear idea about your brand, thus helping them shift from the consideration to the decision stage. Automation enables you to send out the right emails to the right audience at the right time. As a brand, it really doesn’t get any better than that! Imagine sending out the various types of automation emails to all your leads manually. That wouldn’t just cost you a ton of money, but also your precious time. Forget about that. 1995 is long gone - you don’t need to do anything manually anymore, thankfully.

The best part of email workflows is that they're operating on their own, as you're focusing on some higher-value activity. All you need to do is to determine the scenarios in which an automated email marketing workflow would serve your business needs, we'll set it up, and let your automation solution do the rest. 

Not sure what I'm talking about here? No worries at all, I'm here to be the guru to your email workflows strategy. Here are six highly effective email automation workflows for you.

Let's get it on.

Best email workflows to build in 2020 Post Highlights:

Abandoned cart emails

Abandoned shopping cart emails are the mainstay of the e-commerce world.What is an abandoned cart email anyway? Well, it's a follow-up email you would send to somebody who has added items to their cart but somehow decided to leave your website without purchasing.

It doesn't matter how much water you pour into the bucket, the reason it doesn't retain enough of it because it's leaking somewhere. For the majority of digital marketers, one of the most significant leaks in their marketing and sales funnel are shoppers that add certain items to their cart but abandon them at checkout. I know this is hard to accept, mainly because you spent a lot of time and money gaining that prospects' attention.

But this is not a new phenomenon, though.

More than 70% of buyers would abandon carts at checkout and, unfortunately, this number has been slowly increasing in recent years.

Let’s look at the silver linings of this though. Although your customers might be abandoning their carts at a greater rate than before, you now have an opportunity to leverage automation to convert them to not just come back to their cart, but your store, and eventually, the checkout page as well.

Implementing this strategy will not only help you convert more of those visitors that you are attracting to your online store but also recover more of your previously lost revenue. Sounds so simple, right? But the challenge with abandoned cart recovery is that pretty much every e-commerce business out there is using the same tried-and-tested methods that we learned about years ago.

Don't look at me like that - you're probably using similar (if not the exact same) tools and tactics as your competitors.

It has become waaay harder to stand out in your subscribers' inbox, so I guess know that hiring an expert email marketing agency will help you out with gaining that attention, which is a crucial component to get your prospects to take action and finally complete that purchase.

The Kombucha Shop
The Kombucha Shop

Browse abandonment 

Let me ask you this. Okay, so a person visits your website, views a particular item but doesn't add it to their cart - What would you do next? Send them a browse abandonment email? Correct!

These are the types of emails that serve as a reminder of items your prospects expressed interest in and a way to entice them to make the purchase.

And if they somehow don't end up purchasing after receiving your browse abandonment email, not all is lost - it's an excellent way to lure your potential customers back onto your site. The more time they spend on your website, the more likely they are to make a purchase in the future.


Welcome series

Welcome emails are incredibly effective, and these enjoy higher open rates compared to newsletters. Why would you consider sending these types of emails?

It's just polite. And yet…

For e-commerce marketers, a welcome series' purpose is to introduce your new subscribers to your business and eventually turn them into customers. There are a couple of different ways to incentivize new subscribers to make the first purchase, but it all comes down to offering something of great value.  

Give your new subscribers the push they need towards their first purchase by offering a discount or exclusive content; you can also facilitate the process, personalize, and so much more.

As I said, It's so much more than just an email to deliver that coupon you promised them when they signed up. Welcome series introduce your customers to your brand. It's what gets them excited about doing business with you guys. So, let them know what they can expect from your brand. 

With any Welcome Series strategy, you should focus on categories and that convert. When thinking about which categories or products to feature in your earliest messages, make sure to showcase those that are most likely to convert non-purchasers into purchasers rather than just your top sellers.


Post-purchase workflow

Around 80% of customers say that a positive brand experience overall post-purchase is essential to them. What does this mean? Well, once a customer has made a purchase, it's a must to have an effective strategy to maintain loyalty. 

Post-purchase, you'll have some new information about your customer, and what you should do? Don't you wait for me to tell you this - Incorporate that information into your messaging strategy, people! 

Think about why your prospects may be purchasing your products. Is it to achieve a difficult goal, like maybe weight loss, healthy eating, or bodybuilding? Either way, they want more support, more information, more options.

So,... why not give it to them?

After the initial purchase is completed, don't just offer them one of your products at a discount. Offer a bundle - at an irresistible price!

Subscriber winback

Those unsubscribed email notifications can feel just so… unexpected, and...rough. You feel me?

Like, you thought that you had a great thing together with your subscribers. They thought…oh well, I suppose they must have thought a bit different.

Hey, cheer up, sport. Don’t despair - it's not too late! In case they still haven't unsubscribed, what you can do is to regain their interest…H-how do I do that?

With a subscriber winback email marketing campaign (winking).

But why should you bother winning back that subscriber who ignores your emails? Why invest your money, energy, and time in somebody that isn't interested in you? That can't be good self-care, right? I mean, the goal of a subscriber's win-back email is to get those people to interact with your emails and call-to-actions again. You want that? I know.

Purchaser winback 

I'm pretty sure that every single marketer has heard this before - acquiring a new customer is much more costly than getting the already acquired one to repurchase.

Don't just shrug your shoulders and let your lapsing customers ride off into the beautiful sunset. It won't bring you anywhere. But it will bring your customers away to your competitors, and who wants that?!

What are you waiting for? My permission? Oh God. Go give your lapsed customers an unmissable winback email to encourage them to get back purchasing your products (this range from non-monetary perks to discounts). Put them onto a dedicated winback email workflow until you win them back. 

Look, your customer's journey needs to feel personalized from the beginning to the end, no matter if they're a frequent spender or at risk of lapsing. But if you're going to meet your goal of persuading your customers to come back, then your win-back emails need to be engaging...more than ever. 

Wrapping up

There are loads of automation examples where email marketing workflows are advantageous, though may not every single of them will apply to your unique business model. Take the time to consider your subscribers' interests, and needs, and you'll be sure to zero in on the workflows that will produce the best possible results for your use case.

That's it. What are you waiting for? It's time to choose your best email workflow and create an offer your customers can't refuse.